Lots of people who you think should be interested in your software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, couldn’t care less.

It doesn’t matter that they perfectly fit your “ideal customer” persona.

It doesn’t matter that your solution is full of features built especially for them.

It doesn’t even matt...

When they talk about their websites, I find that marketing people fall into two groups: One group thinks their website is awful. The other group is in the midst of re-doing it.

They’re unhappy about a lot of things with their website: the way it looks, the number of visitors it attracts, the v...

I’m a long-time fan of inbound marketing, even before it got that nifty label.

Why not attract prospective customers that are actively looking for a solution. That’s got to be easier than hunting for them one at a time, or indiscriminately broadcasting your message to the whole planet.

The id...

When the lead gen effort is failing and we’re trying to fix it, we marketing pros usually head right into the weeds.

Are there too many characters in the subject lines?
Should we add more long-tail keywords?
Is the call-to-action button the wrong shade of green?

It’s not that those details don’t...